Kiosk Standard

Our Kiosk Standard is equipped with the same base and stand as the Kiosk X5. The Kiosk Standard features the iPad Air.

The Kiosk Standard offers a weighted, sturdy, round base with a locking enclosure. The Kiosk Standard is powder coated for a durable, yet beautiful finish.

The Kiosk Standard comes in either a White or Black finish. The Kiosk Standard can be fitted with a durable, graphical face plate.

The Kiosk Standard with locking enclosure lists for $695.

iPad and iPad configuration available.

The Kiosk Standard normally ships within 24 hours.

Kiosk X5 (featuring the iPad PRO)

Website SlideshowOur Kioks X5 is sleek yet durable and best of all, it uses the iPad PRO - making the screen nearly twice the size of the Kiosk Standard.

The X5 offers a weighted, sturdy, round base with a locking enclosure for the iPad PRO. The X5 is powder coated for a durable, yet beautiful finish.

The X5 comes in Black only. The X5 can be fitted with a Face Plate as with our Kiosk Standard.

The X5 stand with locking enclosure lists for $695.

iPad and iPad configuration available.

The Kiosk X5 normally ships within 24 hours.


Grip-Dock iPad Device

Presenting Grip & Dock iPad stand, the new standard in secured tablet mobility solutions. 

Secure your mobile workforce with this universal tablet hand grip and lockable stand that allows you to “grab and go” with your iPad and safely display it when stationary. 

Our ergonomically designed hand grip connects to the iPad with industrial strength adhesive and has an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit.  The iPad Hand Grip is designed with a 360 degree screen rotation, between portrait and landscape orientation modes, for full user interaction. 

Complete with a secure display docking stand featuring our quick lock design, it provides you a clean way to store your iPad Hand Grip between uses. 

The Grip & Dock iPad Stand can be bolted down or adhered to the counter ensuring a fully secured anchoring point for this mobile tablet solution.  Our Grip and Dock iPad Station lists for only $249 and they ship within 24 hours.

Wall-Mount Enclosure

Busy Office? This might be just what your community needs - Wall Mount Kiosks!

These Wall Mount Enclosures perform the same functions as with our other iPad Kiosk Stands. The locking mechanism keeps them safe while providing information for prospects and residents alike.

The content is restricted to the content you want the user to see - maybe that's for residents to pay rent, submit a service request, etc. Or, for prospects, maybe that is for applying online, or viewing your floor plans, setting up an online account or more. The potential is unlimited.

They are very cost effective - only about $269 and they ship within 24 hours.

Call us today to learn more about our Wall Mount Kiosk Stations.

iPad and Kiosk Systems

Practical, Secure and Affordable!

Our Kiosk stands, with locking enclosures, offer a sleek style, solid steel frame with a 17" x 17" footprint! Standard colors include Black, White and Metal Finish. A Kiosk Application allows the user to navigate through online content that you approve. The user is restricted to only content you allow in the settings. Enhance your Kiosk with custom graphical face plates and front plates. Made of durable polystyrene, your custom graphics will stand the test of time.

With your community Kiosk, users can lease apartments, complete applications, view community videos, submit service requests, view photos, floorplans, even print a brochure - it's a natural extension of your website but can be operated securely within your office to do much more! Anything you can do from your website can be done from your Kiosk!

On your Kiosk, Prospects and Residents alike will find helpful information to make their day just a bit easier. From leasing an apartment and paying rent to submitting work order requests, to finding local schools, locating local businesses, restaurants, banks and more. Our Kiosk stands and enclosures are cost effective solutions for every apartment office. Our Kiosk assembles in minutes. It's durable steel construction adds to it's functionality. It's tamper-resistant hardware gives you peace of mind that your equipment is protected. The Home Button can be open or closed, meaning you can keep the user on your content. It has a standard cable lock component built in for added security. You can purchase the "Stand Only" or we can purchase and setup the iPad with the Kiosk Application for you. Call us today for more information about the Endeavor Kiosk!