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The internet, and thus technology, changes like a leaf in the wind. As a result, website design techniques change as well.Responsive Site 2

With more and more devices available in today's technological world, the time has come for responsive design.

Responsive design allows your site visitors to view your website on any number of devices - without buttons being so small they can't navigate your site. As the screen viewport size changes, with responsive design, your website will collapse, replace the navigation and basically, reconfigure itself to fit the user's screen!

Whether viewing your site from an iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop, your Responsive Design website will adjust to the viewport.

As the percentage of internet apartment shoppers is pushing 85%+, and a high percentage of these prospects using iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc, making it easy for them to view your community is more important than ever! Responsive Design allows for that to be possible.

If your website isn't responsive, you are losing revenue! Request a demo today!